“Sheila is an exceptional hypnotherapist. Not only were our sessions effective in turning me back into a non-smoker, she also custom designed two recordings I was able to listen to on my own time which helped solidify my status as a non-smoker. I would highly recommend Sheila to anyone seeking hypnotherapy services.”

-R.B. Rio Rancho, NM

“I was about ready to “jump ship” on this severely osteoarthritic body of mine several months ago.  My back pain is especially difficult to manage, in spite of taking opioids, because sitting, standing, walking and lying down are all very painful after a short time.  A friend suggested hypnotherapy and Sheila was the first hypnotherapist to return my call.  She offered a free introductory session and reasonable fees.  She is gentle, charismatic. optimistic, very calming and obviously very committed and skilled.  It didn’t take long (I practiced daily from the beginning and still do) before I felt somewhat hopeful which led to me exercising more and seeking out friends, which helped me to feel even more hopeful. It’s been a month since I finished with our sessions but I still look forward to my daily practice while listening to the personalized tape she gave me.  I continue to feel somewhat skeptical that my arthritis can be healed, but my mental attitude has greatly improved and that is worth so, so much and seems to diminish the pain. Thank you very much, Sheila!”  

-Linda Brislen, Corrales, NM

I would highly recommend Sheila.  The techniques and methods she used were very successful for the issues I needed to address.

-M.F. Rio Rancho, New Mexico

My experiences with Sheila were nothing short of amazing. I was comfortable with her and what she was doing for me right from the start. You may find, as I did,  that more will be revealed then what you expected. Time and money well spent.

  -Patricia V.  Rio Rancho, New Mexico

I was a smoker for 40+ years and with one session Sheila turned me into a non-smoker.  It was unbelievable! I would highly recommend her for quitting smoking!!!

– Barb J. Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Sheila Hewlett is a wonderful hypnotherapist! She is calm, competent and makes you feel completely relaxed entering into hypnosis. I felt safe in her hands! I also felt safe exploring my emotions with her as my therapist. I would highly recommend Sheila!

– Priya Pinto, New York

Sheila is one of the most professional and compassionate people I know who is dedicated to quality care and life improvements for her clients.

– Scott S.  Albuquerque, New Mexico